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Jan 11, 2007
Italy grants 2,500 working visa for Nigerians
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

The Ministry of Labor and Productivity of the Italian government granted 2,500 working visa for Nigerian migrants who are working without proper documents in Italy.


The Minister of Labor and Productivity, Hassan Lawal, said that to fully utilize the visa allocation they have created a Labor Migration Desk in the ministry to facilitate applicants from Nigeria who intended to travel and work legitimately abroad.


The minister also said that the desk seeks to ensure and create employment opportunities for Nigerians to work legally abroad, without fear of molestation, exploitation, inhuman treatment or unfair labor practice thus taking advantage of the expanding global opportunities.


Lawal added that Nigerian government would enter into bilateral agreement with other countries’ government that would create opportunities for Nigerians in order to reduce cases of blind migration.


According to him, the agreement would allow the government to monitor activities of Nigerian migrant workers and also ensure safe and unhindered remittances thereby helping to reduce unemployment and increase foreign exchange earnings.


The minister also said that issuance of Recruiters’ License and Employer’s Permit to Private Employment Agencies (PEAs) is also on-going. Through that process the ministry would be able to monitor and regulate the activities of private employers of labour within and outside the country.


“This is important in minimizing cases of unfair labour practices in the workplace, check incidence of Child Labour and Trafficking in persons,” Lawal said.

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This is a good innovation that will reduce unemplo - Ayodele Samuel
its anice ideal but how can one access this oppor - Kazeem Balogun
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