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Jan 25, 2007
Universities Goes Global
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

Academic institutions acknowledge that one of its aims is to equipped their students with skills that will make them globally competitive. This is proven by the move of the University of Florida (UF) to open a hospitality school in Tianjin, China. This project costs USD 28 million and in partnership with a reputable research college in China.


Chancellors of different colleges and universities in Florida recognized that fluency in the English language is not enough to make their students marketable overseas. One of their goals is to put up a virtual institute to offer access to foreign languages. It will include Mandarin and Arabic.


Bernie Machen, UF president said, “If we’re talking about educating students, Floridians, for the world in which they’re going to live for the next 50 years, they need to be thinking about the world economy.”


Machen chose China because it has the largest population and its economy is the fourth largest in the world. One of UF’s plan is to set up joint degree programs with one of the premier institutions in China, Tsinghua University. Aside from Chna, UF also has education programs in Japan and South Korea long before.


Machen added, “We’re going to be able to do research with multinational companies, American companies that we probably couldn’t do here in the United States. It can really broaden our students’ experience. They need to get over there and experience that.”

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