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Jan 15, 2007
Migration Patterns in Britain
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

The number of British nationals that prefer to settle in another country is balanced by the fact that other nationalities choose to stay in United Kingdom (UK).


Last 2005, 1500 individuals of other nationalities entered UK on a daily basis. Analysis from statisticians concludes that as one British citizen leave per minute; five foreigners arrived in Britain every 60 seconds. Foreigners who arrive intend to stay in Britain for at least a year.


As two more countries, Romania and Bulgaria becomes a member of the European Union (EU), more people are now expected to arrive as their citizens now have permit to work and live in Britain.


The recent findings and development is said to repeat the great wave of immigration that took place in 2004 when eight communist states joined EU.

Many claimed that the official figures released are but an underestimate of the real number of immigrants in Britain. The real data may be double of the 65,000 immigrants in Eastern Europe mentioned in the study.


Immigrants in Britain are mostly from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The population increased by 185,000 last year, according to the Office for National Statistics in Britain.


MigrationWatch wants stricter immigration policies for citizens of non-EU citizens to be implemented. The group is also calling for control in countries who wish to join EU.


“The tripling of net foreign immigration in the past 10 years has largely resulted from what the Government likes to call 'managed migration' routes, such as principally work-related migration and family reunion. Firm action is long overdue to limit immigration from non-EU countries which are the main source of this immigration,” Chairman Sir Andrew Green said.

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