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Dec 21, 2006
More British Nationals Prefer Migration
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

The result of a survey done by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) reveals that 1 out of 10 British nationals are now living in other countries. According to the survey, the number of Brits who left the previous year has reached 198,000 and that there are approximately 5.5 million British citizens live outside United Kingdom (UK).


Based on the statistics, researchers are saying that another 1 million will be added to that after five years. For more than a decade now, the number of annual migration of British citizens had increased by about 50,000 a year.


There are various reasons why many Britons decide to live overseas but according to the survey, it is mainly to work or study overseas. Apparently, Britons seek career and academic opportunities in a foreign land. Other reasons cited for migration are better lifestyle, favorable climate, low cost of living, and personal reasons.


Figures gathered puts Britain on top of the list of countries where citizens prefer to settle permanently in foreign land. The following are the top ten countries where British nationals choose to settle permanently. The number of Brits residing there is also included:


Australia (1.3m)

Spain (760,000)

USA (680,000)

Canada (600,000)

Ireland (290,000)

New Zealand (215,000)

South Africa (212,000)

France (200,000),
Germany (115,000)

Cyprus (59,000)


Aside from the countries mentioned, there are also 41 countries with 10,000 British expatriates and 71 countries where 1,000 British nationals migrated.


Danny Sriskandarajah, IPPR associate director said, ‘A healthy economy at home, especially when house prices are buoyant and the pound is strong, makes it easier to up sticks and move abroad. From Australia to Zambia, Brits are looking for a better job, a better quality of life or a sunny retirement. Very few leave because they think the country has “gone to the dogs”.


However, British expatriates also experience the usual pitfall of migration. Among other things, some of the problems they experience are adjusting to the language, climate, and culture of the host country.

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