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Feb 20, 2007
Salary Guide of Nurses in the USA
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

The rise of the aging population in the USA made recruitment of foreign nurses necessary. Many nurses from other countries are attracted by the promise of the high salary combined with good working and living conditions. But not all nurses in the USA received the same salary.


Factors that can determine the wage of a nurse are years of experience, licenses, certifications, nature of the job, and place of work. The minimum wage and tax rates of a particular US state are also factors to consider.


The following information will help you gain an idea about the average annual salary of a registered nurse in America:

Starting Salary (Registered Nurse): USD 39,000


Salary may vary according to specialization:

Staff Nurse (Infection Control Department): USD 60,892

Transplant Coordinator: USD 65,612


Salary may also vary according to working environment

Clinics: USD 37,300

Hospitals: USD 74,760


Salary may vary according to position:

Head Nurse: USD 78,732

In Charge of Intensive Care Unit: USD 83,900

Nursing Director: USD 102,200

(Note: Nursing directors requires an advanced degree)

Clinical Nurse Specialist: USD 73,350 to USD 78,000

Advanced Practice Nurse (Midwifery): USD 81,000 to 87,100

Nurse Practitioner: USD 78,283 to USD 84,000

Certified Nurse Anesthetist: USD USD 127, 213

Chief Nurse Anesthetist: USD 157, 213


Note: The figures above are according to survey of 2005.

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