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Jan 4, 2007
Do You Want to Teach English in Spain?
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

The Spanish language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. The Spaniards obviously puts high value to it because a foreigner who is fluent in the Spanish language has a good chance of landing a high-paying job in Spain.


However, to cope with the increasing globalization, the Spaniards recognize the need for effective communication. The knowledge to speak and understand the global language is the first step. To cope up with the times, Spain is now recruiting more English teachers.


Job Overview

The Spanish government prioritizes citizens of European Union (EU) countries in issuing working visas for foreign workers.


Fluency in the English language is important. However, the Spaniards also give importance to teaching skills. The number of teacher-training courses being offered for a month can attest to this fact. Gaining a certificate will greatly increase your chances of being hired. As stated in the first paragraph, knowledge of the Spanish language will be very useful in dealing with everything in Spain.


Choose a city with good number of schools and academic centers so you will have lots of employment options. One can teach freelance or be hired in formal schools. The salary is from 20 to 24 Euros per hour.


The cost of living in cities like Barcelona and Madrid will be more expensive than in other states.


Unlike in USA where wages are paid per week, salary in Spain is given once a month. It is recommended to have enough pocket money to cover your expenses while searching for a job.


School year in Spain starts in October so vacancies for teaching jobs are posted around September. Hiring are mostly done during this period so its best to take advantage of the opportunity.


Tourist visa issued for foreigners is only valid for three months after arrival. After gaining employment or enrolling in a language course, one should immediately apply for a working visa or student visa to legalize their stay in Spain.

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