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Oct 17, 2003
Warning Against Malaysian Syndicates
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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has received information that an illegal recruitment syndicate based in Malaysia is operating and using Malaysia as a transit point for people wanting to work in Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

Administrator Baldoz said that the modus operandi of the above syndicate was exposed after the Royal Malaysian Police arrested four of its members. According to reports received by the Administration, this syndicate is using fake passports and other travel documents to entice unsuspecting individuals to pass through Malaysia en route to supposed jobs in Australia and North America. Several Chinese nationals have reportedly been victimized through this scheme.

POEA also warns jobseekers especially women, that there are no prospects at all for Filipino women in Malaysia as waitresses, secretaries, promo girls, sales ladies and the like in establishments such as hotels, restaurants and malls. The POEA earlier released an advisory for Filipinos who intend to work in Malaysia that the country’s service sector industry is NOT open to foreign workers.

The warning is again being issued in view of the recent news report about the rescue and repatriation of 62 Filipino women who were forced to work as prostitutes in various restaurants and pub houses in Malaysia. Illegal recruiters duped these victims of illegal trafficking and prostitution with promises of immediate employment in the abovementioned country.

“Filipino women who are offered jobs in Malaysia in the aforementioned categories are strongly urged to seek information and guidance from POEA or from other concerned government authorities to prevent their being victimized by illegal recruiters,” a POEA official said.

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