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Oct 10, 2003
US Working Visa Information
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Thinking about working in the US? Whether you’re interested in a short-term or long-term career in the United States, a Working Visa will still be required. The requirements and application process may be found here.


To be eligible for an H or L visa, the applicant must be the beneficiary of Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, filed by the prospective employer and approved by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS). The spouse and unmarried children (under age 21) of the H and L visa holder may be given H-4 and L-2 visas respectively, if they seek to accompany or follow to join the primary visa holder. Once the petition is approved, the BCIS sends a Form I-797 Notice of Approval to the employer.

Applicants must submit the following:
- An application form (DS-156 and DS-157) completed and signed. Each applicant must submit his/her own form, including any children. Blank forms are available at the bank where the application fee is paid.
- A valid passport.
- One color photograph 2" x 2" against a white background glued to the DS-156 where specified. Do not staple the photograph to your application.
- A validation stamp on the DS-156 showing payment for the visa application fee.
- The original Notice of Approval, Form I-797.
- A copy of the I-129 and all supporting documents as filed with the BCIS.
- A copy of the signed employment contract or a signed offer and acceptance letter specifying terms and conditions of employment, as well as salary.
- For H1B visa applicants, a Labor Conditions Application certification from the United States Department of Labor.
- Proof of current or previous employment/experience and pay slips from related jobs that confirm the applicant's abilities to meet the job requirements in the US.
- Professional license in the Philippines or in the US, if applicable.
- Original school transcripts and diploma.
- In some cases, additional documents may be requested.

** Each applicant for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa, except diplomatic, official and certain U.S. Government sponsored exchange visitors, must pay a non-refundable application fee equal to $100.00 US dollars. The fee must be paid in Philippine pesos at the exchange rate prevailing on the day of payment. Upon payment, applicants will receive a machine-validated Application for Non-Immigrant Visa (DS-156 and DS-157). The payment is valid for application within one year. Application fees are not refundable - no exceptions will be made to this rule.

U.S. nonimmigrant visa application fees must be paid at designated branches of the Bank of the Philippine Islands and Citibank listed at the US Embassy official site. Application fees cannot be paid at the U.S. Embassy.

** For a list of payment centers, please visit the US Embassy official site.
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