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Oct 8, 2003
Consider Canada - Immigration Information
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Canada can be a great place to work. Many Filipinos have tried their luck there and are enjoying a comfortable way of life in many of its cities. If you’re thinking of working in Canada as well, here is a useful guide regarding immigration.
GENERAL WORK PERMIT Anyone who wishes to work in Canada, regardless of the length of employment, requires a Work Permit issued overseas and approval from the Human Resources Department in Canada confirming that job opportunities for Canadian residents will not be negatively affected by the recruitment of a foreign worker.

So, if you wish to work in Canada, you must obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer. Your prospective employer must then contact Human Resources Development Canada, HRDC, for approval to hire a foreign worker. If HRDC determines that qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not available to fill the position, your job offer may be approved and validated. Once the job offer has been validated by Human Resources and Development Canada, the onus is on you and/or your employer to download the appropriate application forms from this website, complete them, and forward them together with the supporting documents described below and the processing fee to the Embassy.
** Applicants who wish to submit an application for a Work Permit must contact any of the following numbers using a land line to schedule an appointment: PLDT 1 (909) 101-8888 Bayantel 1 (903) 101 8888 Globeline 1 (900) 101 8888 ** Please note that you have to be in the Philippines to be able to contact these numbers. You CANNOT reach the call centre using a cellular phone.

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