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Jul 31, 2006
Scotland Teaching Jobs Booms
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

The Scottish Executive’s drive to boost he number of teachers has gained a great response as hundreds of applicants from overseas flock to Scotland.


Around 500 registered with the General  Teaching council (GTC) for Scotland in the first four months of this year. About 158 of them were primary teachers, 260 took up jobs in secondary schools and 53 are working in further edutin colleges.


Figure shows that some 1,500 foreign teachers signed up to teach in Scotland in 2005 which is the first year of the overseas recruitment campaign.


The continuous arrival of foreign teachers in Scotland was a proof of the campaign’s continuing success according to an Executive spokesman.


 “It's great to see so many teachers recognising and choosing to take advantage of the benefits of living and teaching in Scotland,” he said.


Half of those who registered came from England, while other are from Albania, Zimbabwe, India, Russia, Poland, Ghana, Namibia, and the Bahamas. According to breakdown, 254 came from England, 31 came from Australia, 28 were from Poland, 15 were Ghana, eight from Zimbabwe, seven from India four from Russia two were from Namibia and one each from Albania and the Bahamas.


“It underlines the attractiveness of teaching in Scotland - the quality of our teaching and the importance placed on learning is admired across the globe.” spokesman for the GTC said.


“These teachers undergo rigorous background checks and quality assurance procedures before being accepted to teach in Scotland, so we can ensure that the high level of current standards is maintained,” the spokesman added.


The drive in recruiting foreign teachers is part of the Executive’s aims to increase the number of teachers in Scotland up to 53,000 by next year.


Newspaper advertisements in the style of exam papers were used to highlight the benefits of living in Scotland instead of the southeast of England.

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