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Jul 3, 2006
US Imports 18 Korean Teachers
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

The United States of America has imported 18 Korean teachers due to its current shortage in the said profession.


“I’ve decided to go to America to work as a science teacher. I hope I will experience a new life and get more opportunities in the United States,” said Lee Seoung-heon, one of the 18 Korean teachers going to US.


The 18 Korean teachers have already got an approval from various American schools.


The Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRDKorea) in cooperation Globalpian and the Teachers Council organized an American teachers training program to encourage teachers and young jobseekers to get teaching positions in America. The training program was launched in April 2005 has already sent some teachers in the US.


Globalpian, a Seoul-based human resources consulting company, is in charge of training for program participants, and the Teachers Council, a U.S. education job placement agency, is helping trainees find positions at American schools.


“Especially, Korean people have been proven to be good at mathematics and science by the precedent set by Korean teachers in America, so Korean teachers in those fields can easily find jobs in the United States,” a Globalpian manager, Choi Moon-kyung, said.


“Eligible applicants will join free training sessions for eight months and get help in looking for teaching positions in the United States,” Son Young-yook, a member of HRD Korea’s overseas employment team, said.


“We started providing the program as many young Americans don’t want to become teachers due to the low wages and heavy workload,” an HRD official said.


Due to rapid increase of population of some US states and less number of young Americans are getting interested to take teaching course, reports said that the US government estimated that they will need some 200,000 more teachers by 2012. Thus, more Korean teachers and other interested nationalities that are qualified for the position are now participating in the American teachers program hoping to land a job in the US.


Ahn Bo-hye, 27 years old, who is currently teaching a kindergarten at Child’s World Education and Learning Center in Newtown, Philadelphia said that she don’t get paid much in US than what she made in Korea. She only wants to get an American teachers license.


She also added that she had no intention of living in the U.S. for long. She said she plans to return home with an American teacher’s license so that she has more career options such as better pay and benefits in Korea.


Those interested in American teaching positions can online at HRDKorea or the Teachers Council at For more information please call HRDKorea at (02) 3271-9159.

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