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Jun 1, 2006
Top Ten Hottest Jobs in America
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

The trends of top ten hottest jobs in America points to computer, medical, sales and marketing, teaching, and human resource. Check it out and establish a career in one of Americaís hottest jobs! 


1. Software Engineer

Among the most in-demand jobs in America, software engineers are one of the fastest-growing job titles in U.S, because they are highly needed in every branch of the economy.



  • Bachelorís degree
  • Masterís required for promotion.

Math skills and creative problem-solving ability is a must in designing, developing and testing computer programs.



  • $80,500 average salary
  • Six figures for engineers who are responsible for the final version of any software product.

2. College Professor

The stiff competition for tenure-track jobs causes the rise of enrollment in professional programs, community colleges and technical schools thus, demand for professors also increases. They are highly needed in fields that compete with private sectors like health science and business.



  • Master's or professional degree
  • Ph.D. for most tenured jobs.


  • $81,500 average salary
  • $550,000 or more for university president, but most make about half of it.

3. Financial Adviser

Today, there are about 300 college programs for financial planning. Some M.B.Aís, lawyers, and accountants are shifting to this well-paid and more people-friendly career.



  • College degree and have a knack for numbers
  • Certification
  • Continuing education, and
  • Friendly


  • $122,500 average salary
  • $200,000 and above for advisers who manage client portfolios

4. Human Resources Manager

International HR and compliance are highly in-demand. They have a wide variety of work, from self-employed benefits specialist to corporate recruiters up to HR generalist.



  • Bachelor's degree, often followed by master's level work or professional certification. 


  • $73,500 average salary
  • $285,000 for Senior HR directors

5. Physician Assistant (PA)

Physician Assistants conduct physical exams, order lab test, prescribe medications, and treat illness with the supervision of doctor. They can specialize, from Emergency Room (E.R) to pediatrics to orthopedics, other than that, they can switch fields.


PAís average hours of work a week is 35 to 40 hours and they can work in part time.



  • Four years of college
  • Two to three years of training in an accredited program, and
  • National exam for certification


  • $75,000 average salary
  • $100,000 for those who have specialization in cardiothoracic surgery

6. Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst collects and evaluates data about needs, wants and buying habits of the consumers. They are the first to know the next big thing that would come out in store. They also do some taste test and analyze political polling data.



  • B. A
  • M. A. in statistics helps



$200,000 for senior executive or partner in a consulting firm


7. Computer IT Analyst

The rapid development of information technology all throughout the world causes the great demand in IT professionals. 



  • Bachelorís degree


  • $83,500 average salary
  • $250,000-plus, for Network Operations Directors, they are responsible for the companyís internet.
  • $60,000 and above for entry-level analyst
  • Six-figure salaries and decent bonuses for Senior Database Specialist and IT Managers

8. Real Estate Appraiser

Although housing booms, the need for appraisers hasnít gotten crowded as real estate brokerage. Real Estate Appraisers evaluates any property sold, mortgaged insured, taxed or developed.



  • Bachelor's degree
  • Licensing and certification requirements vary by state


  • $66,000
  • $130,000-plus for Collateral Appraisers, they work with lenders.

9. Pharmacist

Due to the aging population and new medications are being developed, the demand for Pharmacists increases. Some of Pharmacistsí function is to give advice on over-the-counter medicines and help patients manage chronic conditions like diabetes.


About 60% of them work in retail settings, others are in hospital, nursing homes and in research and sales for drug companies.



  • A degree in Pharmacists


  • $92,000 average salary
  • Six-figure salary for Pharmacists at major retail chains.

10. Psychologist

Stressed, anxiousness of lots of people and the decreasing stigma attached to seeking help increases the demand for Psychologists.



  • Ph.D. and one-year internship
  • Three years of graduate study and a one-year internship, to be a school psychologist. 


  • $66,500 average salary
  • $95,000-above for Clinical and Counseling Psychologists   

Now that you know the ten hottest jobs in America all you have to do is contact an American professional association in your field of choice and find out what employers are usually looking for when hiring. 

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