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Apr 13, 2006
Europass: Your Passport to Europe
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

Moving abroad whatever your aim is, either studying or working needs a big adjustment. It is vital that your skills and competences must be clearly understood. Thatís why Europass is made to help people move in any part of Europe. It can help you make your skills and qualifications easily understood.


Who can apply for Europass?

Europass Curriculum Vitae and Europass Language Passport can be availed by   any person who undergo work-linked vocational/educational training in an EU Member State, whatever their age or level of training. Europass Diploma Supplement is for applicants with higher education and Europass mobility can be used for student mobility.


Benefits of Europass

  • Help citizens to express their qualifications and competences in an effective way. It will be useful for beneficiary when they are looking for a job and wish to enter education and training programs.
  • Provides a comprehensive tool for users based on an accessible electronic format.
  • Give opportunities to people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to gain access for learning and employment throughout Europe, particularly by helping people to move between countries or across employment sectors.
  • It will help education, training, and guidance practitioners to recommend what learning path and opportunities best suits them. While on the other hand, it will be easy for the employers to understand the qualifications and competences of the job-seekers from other European Union Member States.
  • Promote strong links between education and training, business and industry, ensuring the continuing relevance and adequate appreciation of competences and qualifications.
  • It is an open system that supports European policy developments related to the transparency of competences and qualifications.

Europass is consist of five documents; Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV), Europass Mobility, Europass Diploma Supplement, Europass Language Passport, and Europass Certificate Supplement. These five documents are free of charge.


  1. Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Europass CV is the replacement of European CV which was launched in 2002. It can be filled in online using a tutorial help. This CV is a declaration of your skills and qualifications


          It includes information on:

    • Personal matters, language proficiency, work experience and educational and training attainments.
    • Competences achieved, emphasizing technical, organizational, artistic and social skills.
    • Other information that might be included to the Europass CV in the form of one or more annexes.

  1. Europass Mobility

Europass Mobility is a record of a personís achievements during a period of time spent in another country for learning purposes. It is completed by the sending and host organization involved. Recipient of Europass Mobility is ask for a translation in a second language that theyíd chose from amongst the languages of the sending and host organizations or a third European language. In the case of a third language, the responsibility for translation rest with the sending organization.


  1. Europass Diploma Supplement

It is issued to those who have graduated a higher education together with their degree or diploma. It is given by the higher education institution awarding the original diploma or degree. It is not a substitute to your original diploma or degree, also it is not an automatic system that guarantees recognition.


  1. Europass Language Passport

Europass Language Passport is a document in which language learners can record their language learning and cultural experiences and competences. It will let the recipient express their language skills necessary for studying and working in Europe.


     2 Functions of Europass Language Passport


1.  Motivate language learners to improve their ability to communicate in different languages and to pursue new learning and intercultural experiences. It seeks to help learners to reflect on their learning objectives, plan their learning and learn autonomously.

2.  Help learners take stock of the levels of competence they have reached in one or several foreign languages and enable them to inform others in a detailed and internationally comparable manner.


  1. Europass Certificate Supplement

Europass Certificate Supplement is a document attached to a vocational certificate. Through Europass Certificate Supplement, the third person can easily understand of what the certificate means in terms of competences acquired by its holder. It indicates the skills and competences acquired, the range of occupations accessible, the awarding and accreditation bodies, the level of the certificate, the different ways of acquiring the certificate, and the entry requirements and access opportunities to next level education.



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