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Mar 23, 2006
Australia Needs IT Experts
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

Australia has included IT experts as one of the in demand jobs in the Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL). This means that the demand for the said specialization is still a national shortage and everybody who has experience in the IT field is welcome to apply.


The revised MODL is one way of Australia to supply the skills shortage due to low unemployment, low birth rate and the migration of Australians. This is the reason why Australia keeps on searching the whole wide world for skilled migrants. Best example is Davey Engineering who needs 200 people, and in fact has been to South Africa to get 15 workers and they also in been in China to get 15 workers. If the last batch of Chinese miners works out, they will import at least 50 more.


Among the IT specialization listed are the following:

  • SAP - standard business application software used by the giant companies in world.
  • SIEBEL industry-specific customer-facing application combined with rich analytics
  • E-commerce security (non-programming)
  • Network security
  • Certified Information Systems and Security Professional

They are also looking for:

  • Young, skilled people who can speak English fluently,
  • engineering
  • building and technical trades
  • accountancy
  • mechanical and metal trades
  • healthcare (doctors, registered nurses and health professionals)

The MODL will give points to the visa applicants if they were able to pass to the standards of Australian Computer Society.


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