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Oct 6, 2003
OFW Participation in 2004 Elections Could be Crucial
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Although only 219,722 of the estimated seven million migrant Filipinos had registered to vote in the upcoming elections, their votes could play a major role in the outcome of the May 2004 elections.

"With the last three days for registration, we are confident our overseas compatriots will reach the 250,000 mark. This will make the migrants a strong voting force in next year's elections that will make or unmake a President or a senator in a tight race," stated Migrante spokesperson John Monterona.

Monterona also mentioned that based on the 2001 election results, the vote of the OFWs could affect the outcome of the eighth to twelfth Senatorial positions at the very least.

A fierce multi-party presidential race is highly probable, making the OFW votes more significant than ever.

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