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Jan 5, 2006
The most in-demand jobs in Singapore
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

Singapore is a small country with a total land area of 697.1sq km but it opens its doors to the best and brightest talents from all over the world to share ground-breaking ideas and start a new business. It’s now rapidly taking its place among the world’s premier global cities.

On the first-ever study of economies conducted by the Swiss based, International Institute for a Management Development, with a population of under 20 million, Singapore has been in rank one in attracting top-flight global talents.

There are many opportunities being offered by Singapore. Among the new and exciting jobs are Arts and Entertainment, Banking and Finance, Biomedical Science, Chemicals, Communications and Media, Education Services, Engineering and Emerging Technology, Healthcare, Info-Communications Technology, Logistics and Transport, Regional based for multinational corporations (MNCs) and research development.

Arts and Entertainment

Singapore aims to become an international platform for regional art and performance. By forging a new pan-Asian identity, makes Singapore a unique position to spearhead entertainment trends in the region.

The world's leading performers and arts companies now regard the city as a must-stop on their Asia-Pacific tours. The city aspires to become one of the top cultural cities in the world.One of its most expensive investments in Asia is the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil from Quebec staged Alegria here. The successful staging of blockbuster musicals like Miss Saigon, as well as more intimate pieces like Rent and Chicago also highlights the city’s impressive performance infrastructure.

As the young middle class begins to spend more on entertainment, the increasing number of interesting night spots shows that Singapore’s nightlife has grown. It makes the country a truly bustling city. Young-at-heart are indulging in pool, wine, and cigars these days at the various groovy hangouts.

Various shows featuring different cultures can be found all over Singapore. In Chinatown, visitors may have the chance to watch Chinese opera. Some hotels also feature dancing and music from all over the region. To find out when and where these shows are held, visitors can check local newspapers, weekly or fortnightly publications for details.

Among the in-demands talents in arts and entertainment in Singapore are: art auctioneer, arts administrator, arts agent, arts critics, arts curators, arts dealers, arts educators, arts manager, arts restorers and conservators, choreographer, dancer, lighting designer, musical instrument repair experts/technicians, performer/musician, playwright, scriptwriters, set designers, stage manger and technical directors.

Banking and Finance

The increasing financial liberalization helps Singapore become a world-class financial center. A competitive pro-business stance has also sealed the city's reputation as an investment hub. As a matter of fact, Singapore is the leading insurance hub in Asia.  The city continues to attract top financial talent from beyond its shores.

As part of the strategy to develop Singapore into a premier financial center, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) offers tax incentives for financial institution looking forward to set up their operation. To open the financial sector to greater competition MAS has taken its steps. First, is the timely introduction of the first phase of the banking liberalization program. Second, the merger of the cash and derivatives exchanges (to form the Singapore Exchange). And last, the liberalization of the insurance industry.

With the presence of the leading institutions, the financial industry of Singapore has galvanized. Banks which have their regional bases in Singapore include Citibank, ABN Amro and Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Premier local financial institutions include the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) and the United Overseas Bank (UOB). Currently there are more than 1, 000 local and foreign financial institutions based in Singapore.

A Financial Network for Excellence in Training was set up to promote collaboration in financial sector training. To co-fund programs that enhance the expertise and skills of executives, the Financial Sector Development Fund was also established.

Singapore needs, Private Bankers, Product Specialist, Relationship Managers, Tax Consultants and Trust Planning and Administration Professionals.

Biomedical sciences

Asia is seeing rapid development in biomedical science, with Singapore as the focal point of activities. World-class capabilities are being built in this city-state, across the entire value chain, from basic research, clinical development, product and process development, manufacturing to healthcare services.

Just like how people recognize Singapore in banking in finance, it also becomes the most exciting hubs for Biomedical Sciences in Asia. They developed Biomedical Sciences to achieve the same level of success as the other three pillars of the industry — electronics, chemicals and engineering.

There are three groups for biomedical science which was established to develop the Biomedical Science cluster - comprising pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology and healthcare services - into a key pillar of the Singapore economy. They are EDB's BMS group and Bio*One Capital, as well as A*STAR's BMRC work in close partnership.

Economic Development Board (EDB) is the lead agency that plans and executes strategies to sustain Singapore as a compelling global hub for business and investment. Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) BMRC is the national body that is responsible for developing the human capital to support, sustain and stimulate public sector biomedical research and development activities in Singapore. Bio*One Capital is a leading, dedicated biomedical sciences investment management company in Asia with a worldwide presence.

They offer manufacturing including Bioprocessing, Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Formulation, R&D including Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, Biostatistics, Clinical Research, Computational Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology.


Singapore, as the third largest oil refining center, is looking at building on its traditional strength as a petrochemicals hub. About 14% of the country’s manufacturing output was contributed by the chemical sector.

The centralized location of Jurong Island provides oil producers, petrochemical companies and service providers with sophisticated infrastructure and logistics.

Singapore is looking for Chemical Engineering Technician (General), Chemical Engineering Technician (Petroleum), Chemical Engineering Technician (Petrochemicals), other Chemical Engineering Technician.

Communication and Media

Singapore is not really being left behind, even in communication and media their industry are taking place. Media giants like Disney Singapore, CNBC Asia, MTV Asia, and Cable & Reuters all have regional bases in Singapore. Currently there are 17 satellites broadcasters that link-up from Singapore. Fifteen of these have staff and offices operating in Singapore. To name a few are BBC, CNBC Asia, Discovery Asia, HBO Asia, and Walt Disney Television.

Cable broadcasting, wireless communications, broadcast communication and programming take greater opportunity. The communications and media industry engages in the development, creation and delivery of content and multimedia services. The services offered include: fixed and mobile line services, satellite up-link and down-link services, data communication, internet services provision, radio and TV broadcasting, national postal systems & couriers.

In demand jobs are 3D-Animators, animation director, character designer, Director, director of photography (DOP) or cinematographer, editor, games designer, producer, production and art director, regional translator and subtitler, script writer, senior games programmer, sound/audio designers/engineers and technical directors.


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