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Dec 15, 2005
The Labor Market Trends in the European Union States
- Karen Rose T. Ceņidoza Email this article

In the International Labor Opportunities Forum (ILOF) held at the Philippine International Convention Center, Mr. Peter Schapzer of the International Organization for Migration in Europe discussed the labor market trend in the said part of the world.


According to him, there are five (5) major reasons behind the rapid growth of employment-related migration in the European Union states (EU):  the economic growth of EU; the rapid growth of IT, health, and education sectors; the stagnant Intra-European mobility of EU citizens; the demographic trends of EU; and the giving up of the zero immigration policy by the government.


Meanwhile, he further stated that there is a strong demand for low-skilled workers in the region because of the expansion of the temporary employment such as agriculture, construction, and domestic services; the growing number of bilateral agreements; and the persistence of irregular migration.


From 2000-2004, over three (3) million jobs in manufacturing and agriculture industries loss. However, there are new jobs in the real estate, renting, and business; health and social works; education; hotel and restaurant and retail trade; and domestic works.


Because of these reasons, the European countries need workers who will sustain the future economic growth and the current levels of social security protection of EU especially in the field of ICT, agriculture, construction, food manufacturing, and healthcare.

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