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Feb 6, 2006
How to Enter Australia on a Business Visa
- Karen Cenidoza (ed. By J. Agacer) Email this article

Aside from the Business Skills program of the Australian government, another way of entering Australian premises is by acquiring a short-stay business visa from the Australian Embassy.


Short-stay business visas permit businessmen to visit and stay in Australia for business purposes for three months or less. Upon acquiring this type of visa, business-related individuals may do their respective business transactions such as conferences, negotiations, and the likes, in Australia.


Visas to be issued could either be single-entry or multi-entry visas. Short-stay visa applications could be done at the Electronic Travel Authority website but in many countries, the Short-stay business visa can be acquired at the same time that you buy your airline ticket.


If you want to stay in Australia for a longer period of time, it could be made possible by applying for the Temporary (Long-Stay) Business Entry visa. This visa permits the visa holder to settle in Australia for business purposes for up to four (4) years. However, this type of visa is applicable only to:


  • personnel (executives, managers and specialists) of companies operating in Australia;
  • personnel from offshore companies seeking to establish a branch in Australia, participate in joint ventures, or fulfill a contract awarded to an offshore company;
  • personnel coming under a Labour or Invest Australia Supported Skills agreement.

Meanwhile, several regulations were imposed to visa applicants who filed their application under an Invest Australia Supported Skills Agreement on or after January 1, 2004. The applicants:

  • do not need to be in Australia to submit their application;
  • must submit the application via the Internet or in written (hard-copy) form to a departmental office in Australia;
  • cannot submit their application at an Australian overseas mission;
  • need to submit a written (hard-copy) application if they are long-stay business visitors and were not able to use the Internet application;
  • must send the hard-copy application to the Business Center in Australia which processes the sponsorship and nomination applications from their employer.

In applying for one of these types of visas, investors and businessmen would be able to do business ventures and earn some more from Australia while helping the country in boosting their economy.


Source: Australian Immigration    

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