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Jul 18, 2010
Migrating to New Zealand
- Cindy Natividad (ed. By Joyce Agacer) Email this article

After your visa has been approved, you are now ready to migrate to New Zealand.


But, wait! Do you know what to do when you arrive in New Zealand? How would you carry on from and while at the airport? What if you accidentally take prohibited items? Where do you go when you need something?


There are many questions that are still in your mind, but donít be nervous, here some simple tips that may help you:


  • Arrival Cards Ė When you arrive in New Zealand you need to present your passport and a Completed Passenger Arrival Card. These cards are handed out by the passengers ahead of they arrive in New Zealand. You need to give out all the information needed for the security purposes and requirements for the customs.
  • Other Prohibited Items Ė you must not bring fire and weapons to New Zealand, unless permit was given by the Police on arrival in airport. Ivory in any form is not allowed; tortoise or turtle shell jewelry and ornaments; medicines using musk, rhinoceros or tiger derivatives; carvings or anything made from whalebone or bone from any other marine animals; cat skins or coats.
  • Duty Free Goods Ė You may purchase duty free goods when you arrive in New Zealand. There are some terms when you are not in the right age.
  • Services - international airports provide banking and foreign exchange services. Public information stalls provide free lodging brochures, maps and city guides, and free phones are offered for hotel and motel bookings.
  • From the Airport to your destination Ė you can ride to taxis, airport buses, and shuttle vans to arrive in your exact place destination. Taxis have consistent meters that calculate the fares. All taxis charge a similar fare for the same journey. There is no bargaining or tipping in taxis. Prices for airport buses and shuttle vans are fixed and more affordable than for taxis. New Zealand doesnít have the underground train systems

Now you know what to do when you arrive in New Zealand. It would be easy for you because you already know the doís and doníts. Now, we can say that you are well-prepare to invade New Zealand. But the most important thing is you should obey their rules and learn to adapt in their environment. Remember the places and the appropriate thing to do when in certain situation. Donít be snob, be friendly so people would think that you are approachable so that when you need help they will be able to help you.


Source: New Zealand Immigration

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