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Jan 9, 2006
Sweden’s Work Life Policy
- Karen Cenidoza (ed. By J. Agacer) Email this article

Sweden offers good working life, well-functioning work conditions, and a whole lot more!


To guarantee that workers in Sweden have good working life with employment conditions that work well, plus a good and motivating working environment; the Swedish government has initiated a work life policy.

This work life policy covers issues that concern:

  • employment terms and conditions such as work atmosphere, working hours, and employment laws;
  • organization of work;
  • continuing professional development;
  • wage formation;
  • arbitration in labor disputes; and
  • government wage guarantees in case of bankruptcies.

Work life policy, also, aims to add something to growth and development of employment and business sector in Sweden by promoting a good, invigorating working environment that causes neither injury nor harm with the people in the labor market.


Work life policy shall, thus, contribute to: 

  • a good and stimulating work environment;
  • a working life characterized by integration and diversity;
  • greater awareness of work life conditions;
  • increased levels of competence in work life;
  • employment legislation that creates security, flexibility and participation; and
  • deliberate and long-term gender equality work. 


Source: Sweden’s Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications 

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