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Jan 19, 2006
Sponsoring Workers Going to Australia
- Karen Cenidoza (ed. By J. Agacer) Email this article

Lots of businesses in Australia need employees to fill in the vacant positions in their offices.  Some of them want Australians as part of their workforce but there are other businesses that are willing to subsidize qualified applicants and give work to deserving candidates—whatever country you may come from.


Through the Temporary Employer-Sponsored Workers program, Australian businesses would be able to hire workers from any part of the world and hopeful Australian visa applicants would be able to make their dreams of working and living in Australia come true.


Employers who need personnel may sponsor qualified applicants through an employer-sponsorship arrangement. This arrangement would allow migrants to stay and work in Australia as a skilled worker temporarily for up to four years.


Backing up qualified employees is as easy as 1-2-3.  One way is through sponsorship by an Australian or overseas business. Business sponsorship is classified as Temporary Business Sponsorship and Overseas Business Sponsorship. The former allows employers to back up a number of temporary business entrants within a two-year period while in the latter, businesses that do not have formal operating offices in Australia may sponsor entrants to fulfill contracts and obligations in other businesses in Australia and to establish a branch, joint venture, or agency distributorship in Australia.

Businesses that use Temporary Business Sponsorship should:

  • demonstrate to the department that they can satisfy the sponsorship criteria, including their ability to comply with undertakings in relation to the approved number of sponsored employees
  • lodge the nomination and visa applications well before the given period of time expires
  • make new sponsorship applications if they wish to sponsor additional entrants 

Businesses that use Overseas Business Sponsorship should: 

  • complete the sponsorship and nomination form 1196
  • make sponsorship undertakings 

In order to sponsor workers in going to Australia, Australian businesses must be willing to abide by the sponsoship regulations stated in the sponsorship forms formulated by the Australian government. They should, also, manifest proofs that the business/businessman: 

  • is abiding the Australian law and is active in the business;
  • will be the direct employer of the temporary business entrant;
  • has a good business record and abides by immigration laws;
  • will bring benefit to Australia through the employment of a temporary resident;
  • will advance skills through technology or training.


Source: Australian Immigration

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