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Mar 6, 2006
Working as a Skilled Migrant in New Zealand
- Cindy Natividad (ed. By Joyce Agacer) Email this article

New Zealand still looks for individuals who are proficient and talented. These are needed for future economic development. The employment market is varied. Hence, the different work opportunities in different regions of New Zealand. You’ll need a good level of English and the experience required for the occupation or profession you want to pursue.


Here are some tips for you to be able to work as a Skilled Migrant in New Zealand:

  • Exert effort in looking for your profession. Search for the job will fit you best.
  • Communication skills are important. Be familiar with the English Language
  • Study New Zealand’s culture and working condition.
  • Gain significant experience in local works and knowledge in civilization.
  • Make sure you meet the qualifications in your desired profession
  • Bring your diplomas and certificates justifying your title
  • Since your qualifications and experiences are not easily recognized in New Zealand, undergo quality training that can help you in familiarizing yourself with the job you want.
  • Get ready for your professional registration. Examples are: doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses or trade positions like plumber or electrician. You’ll need to register with a Registration Board before you can work in New Zealand.

Finding work in New Zealand can take some time. Don’t give up if you do not find the job fit for you. Opportunities are spread out; you just need to have the determination to face all the endeavors that will come out.


As “experience is the best teacher”; remember, too, that teachers “give the test first and the lesson afterwards”. Experience will make you grow into a well-developed citizen of New Zealand.


Don’t be afraid to explore the opportunities. Skilled jobs are vastly in demand. You just need to look in the right places.


Source: New Zealand Immigration

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