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Nov 21, 2005
Working Environment of Sweden
- Karen Cenidoza (ed. By J.Agacer) Email this article

Lots of people choose to work in countries that offer good compensation and benefits. Thus, they put the U.S. and Middle East on top of their lists. But they miss to put Sweden on their list, too. Sweden offers great benefits and compensation, just the same.


Sweden has been regarded as one of the Nordic countries that maintain good working environment. This environment is characterized by respect and cooperation gaining Sweden admiration internationally.


The benefits that Swedish workers have are:

  • five (5) weeks of paid holiday;
  • paid time off for illness or child care;
  • sixteen (16) months of paid parental leave;
  • regulated working hours;
  • overtime compensation; and
  • pension benefits.

These benefits are given as implemented by the Swedish law or by union contract.


Employment Contract


The Swedish employment contract includes the following rules and regulations:

  • The employment contract is normally valid for an indefinite term.
  • In some cases, like a temporary demand for extra workers, fixed-term contracts are allowed. Fixed-term contracts, however, can be terminated without any definite grounds.
  • When employment contracts are terminated, employers must still follow certain rules.
  • The last person hired would be laid off first in case of work shortage.
  • The person laid off has the right to be transferred in a different area of organization that offers the same kind of work.
  • Employee laid-off because of work shortage is entitled to re-employment priority with the company within a year.
  • The effort to resolve problems in cases of dismissal due to personal differences between employer and employee must come from the employer.
  • The employer has the right to terminate employee’s contract immediately if the employee gravely neglects his work duties and responsibilities.
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