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Jan 16, 2006
Putting Up a Business in Australia
- Karen Cenidoza (ed. By Joyce Agacer) Email this article

Australia is not just a place to visit. It is also a great place to put up businesses and invest money in. The Australian Immigration department has set out requirements to be able to get to Australia for business purposes.

They are providing business visas and have initiated a program called “Business Skills” program that would encourage businessmen from all over the world to permanently stay in Australia.


In this program; business owners, senior executives, and investors can apply for a visa under the Business Skills category. The Business Skills program has four (4) categories:

  • Business Owner category – for owners or co-owners of a business. 
  • Senior Executive category – for senior executive employees of major businesses
  • Investor category – for investors/business people who want to invest in Australia
  • Business Talent category – for business people who have sponsorship from a State/Territory government
  • Businessmen who want to enter Australia must:
    • Apply for a provasional Business Owner visa and if approved, will be granted a four (4)-year visa
    • Lodge their application in any of the three Business Skills processing centers located in HongKong, Taipei, and Perth

Once your business becomes successful in Australia for at least two years and you continue to hold a valid provisional Business Skills visa, you may apply for a permanent residence Business Owner visa in Australia.

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