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Oct 20, 2005
A First-timerís Guide to Working in New Zealand
- Cindy Natividad (ed. By Joyce Agacer) Email this article

People who like to work in New Zealand are very much welcome to apply. You can be an asset to the economy of New Zealand.


Applying in New Zealand is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are various reasons why people want to go to New Zealand. Here are some of the options you might want to take:

  • Skilled migrant Ė work and live permanently in New Zealand as a skilled migrant. Productive workers get a chance to live permanently in New Zealand
  • Temporary work - get temporary work permit if you have been offered a job by an employer from New Zealand or if youíre skilled in an occupation thatís in demand in New Zealand, or if youíre coming in New Zealand for a particular purpose or event
  • Work to residence - apply for a work permit under the Work to Residence category if you have an extraordinary talent in sports or the arts, or if youíre an expert in an in-demand field. This category permits you to work temporarily in New Zealand as a step towards gaining permanent residence
  • Employee of a relocating company - for key employes of a business thatís relocating its operations to New Zealand, you can apply for a work permit and later a resident permit under the Employee of a Relocating Company category.
  • Working holiday Ė want to take a trip to New Zealand? If youíre 18 to 30 years old, it may want to know more about life in New Zealand on a working holiday

There is a wide variety of choices for you. You may apply for a job now and decide on which field you would like to pursue, one that is appropriate with what you want and with your skills.


Think positive. If your mind set is positive the outcome may, just as well, be positive. Opportunity knocks only once. Now may be your chance to go and live in New Zealand. Nobody knows what will happen next. Never mind rejection, whatís important is you tried and that you have the confidence to face the world.


Source: New Zealand Immigration

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