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Nov 3, 2005
Bruneiís New Regulation Benefits Foreign Workers
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It has been reported that Brunei government has implemented a new labor regulation known as Employment Agencies Order 2004.  The Order, which took effect on 20 December 2004, aims to ensure the welfare of foreign workers by strictly regulating employment agencies through accreditation and close supervision and imposition of stiff penalties on them for certain violations.


Under the same Order, companies/employers are instructed to avail of the services of accredited employment agencies.  The employment of foreign workers, through unregistered agents, is prohibited.


The employment agencies will only be allowed to recruit foreign workers after the company, which engaged their services, has been granted a permit to employ foreign workers by the Labor Department.


According to POLO (Philippine Overseas Labor Office), the new labor regulation will be beneficial to foreign workers, since it will minimize the incidence of contract substitution, illegal recruitment, and other welfare- related cases.

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