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Nov 26, 2007
How To Migrate in Australia
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

Migrating is not an easy thing, lots of people find it difficult to migrate in other countries but there’s always an exemption. You will just find yourself standing in the land of the Aussie’s. If you have proper documents migrating to and living in Australia is as easy as ABC.


Experience life in Australia


The Australian Government has prepares two programs; Humanitarian and Migration Program, for people who wants to migrate in Australia. The Humanitarian Program is for refugees and other humanitarian purposes while Migration Program is divided into three categories; the skill migration stream, family migration stream and special eligibility migrants.


From 120,000 migration intake in year 2004-2005 it increases to 140,000 in 2005-2006. This shows that lots of people are attracted to migrate in Australia. The gradual increase of migration started when Prime Minister John Howard takes place.


Prime Minister John Howard


How to migrate in Australia

Migrating may cost a lot, but it will surely bring pleasure to you after you have processed all your documentary requirements. Visa application requires certain migration application charges and these are nonrefundable whatever the outcome of the application may be. 


The application charge includes your medical fee, getting a character clearance fee, and other fees which may include travel and re-location costs.


After gathering all the necessary requirements and settling all the accounts, you are now ready to fly and live an Aussie life. You may find some adjustments difficult during your first few days in Australia but you surely find the pleasure once you’re there. Just be sure that you are always up for new challenges that may come in your entire stay in Australia.


Source:  Australia


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