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Sep 23, 2005
Living in Qatar
- Joyce Anne Agacer Email this article

conventional long form: State of Qatar
conventional short form: Qatar
local long form: Dawlat Qatar
local short form: Qatar

Qatar is often mispronounced because too much emphasis goes to the "tar" syllable. The correct way is "'kä-t&r." The “&” is like the "a" or "u" in "abut." The emphasis is slightly toward the first syllable. The closest approximation of the native pronunciation falls between cutter and gutter, but not like guitar


Capital: Doha

Government Type: traditional monarchy


Qatar: An Overview

Small in size (one third of the size of Belgium), Qatar is enormous in value. It has achieved within decades what other countries take centuries to accomplish. Its citizens embrace the future with unswerving optimism and enviable potential. Hospitable, generous and kind, Qatari's make visitors to their country feel very welcome. Qatar is an ideal family location and a very safe place to visit, live and work. Standards of living are high as the infrastructure continues to develop rapidly. Now more than ever, Qatar is ripe for discovery by tourists from all over the world.



Location: Middle East, peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia


    Total: 11,437 sq km
    Land: 11,437 sq km
    Water: 0 sq km

Climate: arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers

Size: 11,437 square kilometers.



Topography: Mostly low-lying, barren terrain.






863,051 (July 2005 est.)



         noun: Qatari(s)

         adjective: Qatari


Religion:  Muslim 95%


Ethnic Groups:  Arab 40%, Pakistani 18%, Indian 18%, Iranian 10%, other 14%


Language:  Arabic (official), English commonly used as a second language


Only about 30% of the residents of Qatar are actually citizens of Qatar. The population includes large communities of Indians, Pakistanis and Iranians, and smaller communities of Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Sudanese, Afghans, Sri Lankans and Britons.



Qatar's economy is very strong, due to its abundance of oil and natural gas reserves. This means that there is significant ongoing investment being made into the local infrastructure to support high standards of living and the successful development of tourism.


GDP: purchasing power parity - $19.49 billion (2004 est.)


Qatar in the Future

Qatar's hosting of the Asian games in 2006 has brought along with it various infrastructural obligations. Qatar has already started work on the construction of an estimated $700 million 'Asian Games Village'. It is also hoping to have a new International Airport ready in time for the Asian Games. Qatar continues to be the choice venue for conducting various international seminars and conferences.


Qatar's long-term vision has also led it to invest heavily in education, through the development of an 'educat

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