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Sep 12, 2005
How to Migrate to New Zealand
- Cindy Natividad (ed. By Joyce Agacer) Email this article

Are you planning to live permanently in New Zealand? You need to do a lot of thinking if you really want to stay for long time in New Zealand or, most especially, for a lifetime.


New Zealand is one of the top countries in the world because of its good environment. It has a beautiful countryside and healthy lifestyle? New Zealand is widely known for its “better-than-most” quality of life. You can find good jobs in New Zealand and you don’t need to travel for hours.


If you think New Zealand is a place where you can spend your life for good, by all means, go for. It’s definitely a good choice.


If you are planning to settle in New Zealand and want to have visa residence approval, you must: 

  • supply proof suitable to one of the business immigration specialists confirming that your business has relocated to New Zealand pay the Migrant Tax
  • have any companion or dependent children (16 and over) included in your application meet the English language requirements

If you have these requirements, you will be given a Residence Visa. Primarily, this will permit you to stay for two years. But you need to meet the following requirements, as well:

  • two years of employment in the company after replacement
  • compliance with all relevant New Zealand employment and immigration laws
  • information on changes in New Zealand address given to the Department of Labour during this two-year period
  • suitable evidence that you have met requirements 1 and 2 above within 3 months from the date this two year period expires


Once you’ve met all the above requirements, you will have the same rights as those of other holders of a New Zealand Residence Permit.


Living in New Zealand is more affordable than most other developed countries.  So when you think globally, New Zealand has a lot to offer. Naturally, you must first meet the necessary requirements before you can stay in New Zealand for long time.


Settling in a new country is exciting yet may bring loneliness at first. Still It is highly possible that it may help you have a better quality of life.



New Zealand

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