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Aug 29, 2005
100,000 job openings in Australia
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Australia is now starting its most aggressive campaign inviting skilled workers to work as welders, nurses, accountants, plumbers, etc.  Currently, it needs 100,000.


"We really haven't done this sort of aggressive recruiting since the 1950's and 60's", says Immigration Department deputy secretary Abul Rizvi.


Every year, Australia accepts 120,000 migrants, most of which are skilled workers. In 2004, although 80,000 skilled workers arrived, the small and ageing population only aggravates the need for more skilled workers. Thus, the Australian government's campaign in Germany, India, Britain, and the Netherlands to fill in the extra 20,000 slots for the skilled migration program.


Source: Reuters

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Hello i am a graduate of Hospitality Management wi - Glossi Pearl
I am skilled worker, Electrician and Painter, Plum - Antonio Jr. Calalang
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