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Jul 20, 2005
Want to join IT / Computer Profession?
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Start Your Career


Enroll for Computer courses such as Computer Science, Computer Architecture, Computer Engineering, Digital Graphics Designing, Web Designing and Computer Technology.


You need to start with the basics. So if you want to engage in I.T. profession, without studying the basics of computer programming and other related information, it will be hard for you to understand the overall concepts of computer technology.


Some says, they can build web sites through the use of ready-made free templates, free scripts, free softwares and tools so why need to go to computer school? Yes they can, but they're just using the product of computer programming (referred as Softwares), they're not building or developing, so they shouldn't say that they're now a Web Designer or Programmers.


Prepare for the Cost of Tuition


To study about Computers or I.T. is one of the most expensive courses of all. You need an additional school fee for computer hands-on, if you can't use your school's computer laboratory, you need to rent computer for your computer programming projects or need to buy for your own computer if you don't want to rent. Miscellaneous expenses related to computer education are quite costly as well.


And by the time that you've graduated from your college/university education, newer computer programming softwares and skills are out in the market and those programs or skills that you've learned from school are now becoming obsolete.


If you've managed to get a job, you'll be surprised because the softwares or programming tools that your company/employer is using weren't the one that you've studied in College. You'll be lucky if company gives you free training but some of them require you to acquire the new computer skills at your own expense.


If you want to stay on this field, you need to invest, again and again! You need to attend seminars, training and short courses from computer schools with specialization in Computer or IT Education.


After a few months, newer versions of programming software are on the market again. You can self-study them without attending the classroom education. But how if you're employer needs proof, you have no choice but to obtain another certificate.


Learning computers is continues so as you spend, if you stopped, you'll be easily left behind by this fast changing technology.

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