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Oct 7, 2003
Try Your Luck in Kuwait
- Anamer Menguito Email this article
A thriving oil industry has secured for the State of Kuwait [also known as Dawlat al Kuwait] an edge in world industry. Its small, open, and prosperous economy has also enabled it to welcome the active participation of foreign workers in its labor force. Of its 2,111,561 population as of July 2002, 1,159,913 are non-nationals, and most of these non-nationals are actually workers there. So if you are thinking of becoming one of those non-Kuwaiti workers, you will find this article useful.

Kuwait has a constitutional monarchy, where the Amir [or prince] exercises his power with the guidance of the Council of Ministers. The Council, usually referred to as ‘the government’, is headed by a Prime Minister [appointed by the Amir].

Its judicial system is based on the Egyptian model; it is an amalgam of Islamic law, English common law, and the Ottoman civil code. Male citizens 21 years and older are allowed to vote, and to avoid political conflicts, neither judges, nor the uniformed services (i.e. police and military personnel) vote.

Although the Kuwaiti population is diverse, people there are generally known to be generous and hospitable. The fundamental core of society is the family. Kuwaitis keep very close family ties, both in the immediate and extended sense. Large weddings are a common tradition, where the men and women gather separately, and the women's reception usually lasts through breakfast. This all-night celebration of the matrimony of two people, of the coming together of two families, demonstrates the importance of the idea of family in Kuwaiti society.

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