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Jan 24, 2005
New Zealand skills shortage lists released
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The Long Term Skill Shortage List (formerly the Priority Occupations List (POL)) and the Immediate Skill Shortage List (formerly the Occupational Shortages List (OSL)) are the result of consultation with Government agencies, industry training organizations (ITOs) and unions.




Long Term Skill Shortage List (formerly the Priority Occupations List (POL))


* Civil Engineering has been expanded to be called Professional Engineers which will include Roading, Design, Structural, Mechanical, Geotechnical, Electronic, Project, Transport/Traffic, Fire, Civil, and Environmental engineers, and the qualifications requirements for these occupations have been amended.


* The skills list for Information Communications Technology (ICT) has been amended to reflect actual skill shortages.


* Orchard Managers, Agronomist/Crop Production Managers and Grower Managers, and Automotive Electricians, Fitter & Turner, Cabinet maker, Boatbuilder, Carpenter/Joiner, Fitter Welder, and Plumber have been added.


*  Automotive Mechanics (petrol and diesel) have become two separate occupations: Diesel Mechanic and Motor Mechanic.


Immediate Skill Shortage List (formerly the Occupational Shortage List (OSL))


Added to all regions

*   Chip sealing, Asphalt or other Technical Manager (Roading and Infrastructure)  

     Construction and Maintenance Managers (Roading and Infrastructure) Crane



 * Crop Foreman


 * Dairy Farm Managers (and amended to read Farm Manager (Dairy, Sheep/Arable,



 * Electronic Service Technician


 * Foreman (Roading and Infrastructure)


 * Florists Senior, Flooring Trade Persons


 * Glazier


 * Heavy Vehicle Drivers


 * Orchard Foreman


 * Osteopath


 * Pig Farm Manager


 * Plastics Die Setter


 * Roofing Trade Persons


 * Scaffolders


 * Sheet metal worker


 * Shepherd


 * Ski and Snowboard Technicians



Added to some regions


*Analytical Chemist added to North Island regions


*Beekeepers added to South Island regions


*Dental Assistants added to the Auckland region


*Sheerer (wool harvester) added to Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury regions



Extended to all regions


*Accountant Chartered, Arborists, Assistant Herd Managers, Autoglazier, Cardio/Respiratory Technician, Chef (added with mandatory qualifications and experience), Early Childhood Education Teacher (replaces Early Childhood Education Supervisor), Hospitality Supervisor, Microbiologist, Post Doctoral fellows, Trackwork rider, Travel Consultant Senior


Extended to other regions


*Coach builder has been extended to include the Waikato region

  Extended occupation


*Land Surveyors has been extended to include Licensed Cadastral Surveyors



*Horse Trainer


*Plastics Research and Development (replaced with Plastics Die Setter)


*Early Childhood Education Supervisor (replaced with Early Childhood Education Teacher)



Removed and added to the Long Term Skill Shortage List (formerly POL)


*Boat builder, Cabinet maker, Carpenter/Joiner, Design Engineer, Electronic Engineer,  

  Fitter and Turner, Plumber, Structural Engineer, Traffic Engineer, Welder



*Doctors renamed Medical Doctors


*Dairy Farm Managers amended to read Farm Manager (Dairy, Sheep/Arable, Beef)


*Electronic Repairs Trades People renamed Electronic Service Technician


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