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Nov 19, 2007
Life in the Land Down Under
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

Australia, “the land down under,” has a place for all walks of life. The six states of Australia and two territories have different lifestyle and unique attraction. So whether you are a surfer, someone who love night life or someone who prefers a quite day exploring galleries and museums, consider Australia as one of the best country to migrate.


You won’t regret migrating in Australia since there are houses that are affordable with friendly communities, vibrant cities and a landscape that ranges from desert to rainforest, plains to mountains.


You can choose among the six cities and two territories depending on your target job, your tertiary study aspirations, the pace of life that you prefer and the recreational and cultural activities that you enjoy.  


What to expect in:


New South Wales

The New South Wales is has world-class cosmopolitan cities, rugged outback bordered by white sandy beaches and idyllic country towns. The NSW is Australia’s colorful and diverse state.



Victoria, although the smallest of the mainland states, boasts is glamorous festivals and events.  It is Australia's best shopping state, a lively passion for eating and drinking, and a flourishing interest in the arts.



Queensland claimed to have the most perfect climates in the world for living and working. It is also best known for its dazzling sunshine and long sandy beaches.



Tasmania, the state which is rich in wild and beautiful landscapes has friendly, welcoming people. It has a pleasant, temperate climate, wonderful wine and food, a rich history, and a relaxed island lifestyle.


South Australia

City hassles? Not here in South Australia. This state has a Mediterranean climate, so you and your family will find South Australia a wonderful place to settle.


Western Australia

With desert in the north and east of the state, thousands of kilometres of coastline, grasslands reminiscent of the South African savannahs, and regions that will remind you of the English countryside, there is a special place in Western Australia for you.


Australian Capital Territory

Located in south east Australia between the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, the Australian Capital Territory is dominated by the dynamic, progressive city of Canberra, the political hub of the nation.


Northern Territory

From the arid desert of the “Red Centre” to the rainforest of Kakadu, the Northern Territory is a region of great natural beauty, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere…



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