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Jul 27, 2004
A Working Guide to Hong Kong
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The words Hong Kong means fragrant harbour. Hong Kong is one of the best places to go in Asia. To some of the Filipinos, Hong Kong is more than that, it is a country where bigger opportunities can be found.


Hong Kong Bios:


Location: Eastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and China

Total land area: 1,092 sq km

Area: Comparative -six times the size of Washington, DC

Climate: Tropical monsoon; cool and humid in winter, hot and rainy from spring through summer, warm and sunny in fall.

Political status: Special Administrative Region (People's Republic of China) with one legislative house (Legislative Council [60]).


The Hongkong Government

  • Became Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China on 1 July 1997;
  • Not under by China "one country, two systems "formula;
  • Enjoy a high degree of autonomy.

    Head of state and government: Chief Executive


    The Economy

    Impressive growth transformed into an International, commercial communication and transport center. Major linkages between East and West in the area of Business. National currency : Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 1USD = 0.1282 HKD 1HKD = 7.04PHP (as of July 20, 2004)


    Transportation System

    Ferry boats, Trains, Buses, and Taxi Cabs are widely accessible for intra and inter island


    Travel Note: Right hand drive is observed. Be cautious and alert at all times.


    National holidays in Hong Kong

  • The first day of January
  • 1 February Lunar New Year's Day
  • 31 January The second day of the Lunar New Year
  • 3 February The third day of the Lunar New Year
  • 5 April Ching Ming Festival
  • 18 April Good Friday
  • 19 April The day following Good Friday
  • 21 April Easter Monday
  • 1 May Labour Day
  • 8 May The Buddha's Birthday
  • 4 June Tuen Ng Festival
  • 1 July Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
  • 12 September The day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
  • 1 October National Day
  • 4 October Chung Yeung Festival
  • 25 December Christmas Day
  • 26 December The first weekday after Christmas Day

    *** In Hong Kong, Saturday is not officially a day off. However, many companies give

          their employees the whole day or half a day off.

    ***As the second day of the Lunar New Year falls on a Sunday, the day preceding the

          Lunar New Year's Day (Chinese New Year) is an additional general holiday.

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