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Jun 30, 2004
Working in Singapore
- Karen Grace Pascual Email this article

The Lion City, Singapore has become one of the best cities in Asia over the years. With a hustle and bustle lifestyle, both day and night, and an impressive economy to back it up, the city has become one of the favorites among Westerners. Singapore came from the Sanskrit “Simhapuram” from from simhah "lion" + puram "city."


Take a look on how to work in the Lion City and see if building a career on this minute sized country can produce mammoth benefits.


Country Bios:

Capital: Singapore

Official languages:Malay, Tamil, Chinese and English. English is the language of


National language: Malay

Currency:Singapore Dollar (S$ SGD)

Type of Government:Parliamentary Republic

Religions: Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist


The Merlion

The Merlion has been one of Singapore’s national symbol.Legend has it that Singapore was once known guarded by the Merlion. Whenever the Merlion will see an enemy, they will be burned to ashes with the Merlion’s eyes lighting up with red fire,And one day, when the country was menaced by a terrible storm, the majestic creature came out of the sea and saved humans from inevitable peril, and the country - from inevitable destruction. People of Singapore still worship Merlion. To commemorate their savior, they have built the 37 meters high stone sculpture of the lion-fish.



Singapore, a former British trading colony, is one of the world's most prosperous countries. Its port is one of the busiest in the world, and its per capita GDP is larger than those of the leading nations of Western Europe. Many corporations have their Southeast Asian headquarters in Singapore, including UK companies such as British Telecom, BP, British Gas and British Airways

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